How To Use System Restore And Use Our Computer Safely

System restore is an option in Windows where it can undo all the harmful changes brought about in our computer. Like the name suggests, we can restore our system settings and configurations to a previous restore point. However, we do not lose our recent personal information such as saved files, downloads, etc. This process is totally reversible and does not harm the computer but at times takes several minutes to transact. The system is restored to one of the many restore points which are automatically created by the computer. Of course we do have the option of creating restore points manually whenever we want.

System restore is usually used by us when we bring about major changes to our system such as installation of new software or making changes in our registry options. To use system restore one must have administrator privileges. To restore Windows to a previous restore point click on Start, go to All Programs, select Accessories and choose System Restore. We can also type “%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe” in the run box to open it.

And then we have to select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and click next. Next we have to choose a particular date which is shown in bold, because dates which are in bold alone have restore points. After choosing a particular date we have to again click on next and give OK. At this juncture the computing system is restarted and the previous restore point will become the current location.

In case we use the run box or run system restore in safe mode, we cannot undo the system restore as that service is unavailable. System restore helps us rectify the mistakes made and helps us start anew without any difficulties. The positive side of this is that we can reverse it at any time and there is no limit to it and it can be done numerous times and whenever the need arises to do so.


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